If your Schengen application is refused

If you have read over all of the information on our website you should not be refused!

However, if you have made a Schengen visa application which is refused, you may have the option of appealing against the decision. Appealing a decision means that you can try to have the decision overturned and changed, so that the application is granted.

To discover if an appeal is possible, it is important that you read the information in the refusal notice (the Embassy's decision) carefully so that you can see what options are available to you and how you can proceed. Each Embassy is different and an appeal is not possible in every case. If you are able to appeal, you must follow the appeal guidance of the particular Embassy you applied to.

If you have been refused you can simply apply again. You will need to make a new application and pay another fee. Just because you were refused a Schengen visa it does not mean that you will be refused next time. All applications are considered on the basis of the information provided. However, it will be important that you address the problem in your first application and show that you have made changes or included the extra evidence needed.

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